Dating in Brazil



Brazil is a country of football, carnivals, sun, beaches and sex. So, "pilgrims" from all over the world go to Rio or São Paulo to get everything at once. It is best, of course, to come to the country when some major events are held, such as football championships or carnivals. But, in principle, even without mass festivities, Brazil is always ready to please tourists.  Dating in Brazil  it's always a roulette game. You may get a jackpot.  

And yet it is important to consider that another country implies a different culture. So, you need to know how to get to know local women.

  1. Brazil is a country of contrasts. Gorgeous nature, but most cities are poor and dirty. Very expensive prices for everything, but the salaries of ordinary people are more than modest. Brazilians are open and very friendly people, but Brazil remains one of the most dangerous and criminal countries in the world.

  2. By the standards of a European person, Brazilians are always late. It is not true. It's just nice in Brazil: if guests are officially invited to 20, everyone understands that coming before 21 is a bad tone, and the culprit of the celebration will open the door to you, being in your underpants, wondering what the fuck you came so early? This also applies to business communication.

  3. Regardless of the standard of living, type of activity, amount of money, age and social status, all Brazilians are very happy people. They enjoy life, have fun from the heart, smile at each other, easily make new acquaintances and generally do not soar much in life.

When meeting and saying goodbye, Brazilians hug and kiss on both cheeks. If you see a person for the first time in your life, it does not mean that you should not hug and kiss him.

Brazilians are in no hurry to marry and have children. Children begin to plan after 30. Brazils are slightly turned on by ecology. There are many different movements to protect nature, and the environmental code is thicker than all the volumes of War and Peace put together.